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1906: Drops

We now carry 1906! The #1 fast-acting swallowable edible. Plant medicine to help you CHILL out, be in bed before MIDNIGHT, get up and GO, become a GENIUS, find your BLISS, fall in LOVE and BUMP up any experience.

Meet the first-ever lineup of pharma-grade plant power: swallowable pills that are zero-calorie, discreet, and made to fit perfectly in your pocket.

Drops come in six different fast-acting formulas to supercharge your life, whether you need energy, arousal, relaxation, sleep, focus, or a happy mood.

NEW Bump! Use it alone as a fast-acting high or to bump up your favorite 1906 experience.

Available at all three Kind Goods locations.

1906: Drops Available now in St. Louis, MO

Shop with Kind Goods Cannabis Dispensary in St. Louis, MO if you are looking for 1906 Drops or other Medical Cannabis Products.