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Cheeba Chews


Cheeba Chews are bite-sized, soft, rectangular taffies—basically a cannabis-infused Tootsie Roll with distinct strengths, and now multiple flavors. In addition to cannabis oil, they’re made with simple ingredients like soybean oil, corn syrup, milk, cocoa, and sugar. They’re even nut and gluten-free.

Staying true to their original mission of standardizing lab testing for edibles, each chewy batch is made with pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extract, which is tested on a monthly basis to maintain the correct THC, CBD, and CBN content and ensure quality and consistency.

Cheeba Chews’ core line of medical cannabis edibles includes combinations of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid THC and/or CBD candies. If you’ve tried these before, you know they’re seemingly small but pack a big punch. If you haven’t tried before, understand that a formidable high is coming your way.

Available at all 3 Kind Goods’ stores.

Cheeba Chews Available now in St. Louis, MO

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