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Discover “Good & Hi” – THC-Infused French-Hi Sauce at Kind Goods Dispensary!

Are you looking for a new way to elevate your dining experience? Hi-Pointe Drive-In and Good Taste Edibles have joined forces to present “Good & Hi,” a thrilling collaboration featuring THC-infused products. Kicking off with a bang, they’re introducing “French-Hi Sauce” – a delectable THC-infused fry sauce set to make its debut this Friday, July 28th.

“French-Hi Sauce” draws inspiration from Hi-Pointe’s beloved Belgian dipping sauce, adding an Andalouse-inspired twist to the mix. With each taste, this sauce brings an explosion of flavor, perfect for fries, burgers, chicken, or even steak! It’s a must-try for anyone seeking an adventurous culinary journey.

Wondering about the dosage? Fear not! Each serving of this delightful dipping sauce contains approximately one ounce or two tablespoons and is evenly dosed at 100mg of THC. Whether you prefer to take it slow or indulge in the full experience, “French-Hi Sauce” has got you covered.

As always, we advocate starting low and going slow. Allow at least two hours between doses to ensure you have the perfect onset time. Safety first!

But hurry, this mouthwatering creation is in limited supply, and it’ll vanish faster than Hi-Pointe’s crispy fries. Head to your nearest Kind Goods Dispensary to secure your stash. Speaking of locations, you’re in luck! Hi-Pointe has conveniently located outlets near several Kind Goods retailers, including Hi-Pointe Kirkwood, Hi-Pointe McCausland, Hi-Pointe Ballwin, Hi-Pointe Wash Ave, Hi-Pointe Cottleville, & Hi-Pointe O’Fallon.

Whether you’re on your way to the dispensary or heading home, don’t miss the chance to order your HP Belgian-style fries alongside your “French-Hi Sauce” for the ultimate elevated snacking experience.

Stay tuned for more exciting products from Good & HI by following @goodandhi on Instagram. Be part of the journey and discover the passionate people behind the creation of this newest sensation in the Missouri Cannabis Market.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away! Mark your calendars for July 28th and be among the first to savor “French-Hi Sauce.” Experience the fusion of Good Taste Edibles and Hi-Pointe Drive-In, exclusively available at Kind Goods Dispensary – your one-stop destination for all things cannabis in St. Louis!

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