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Good Taste Edibles

“Fresh N Hot” – Available @ All Kind Good Retailers

At Good Taste we are all about… well… good taste. Just like the terpene rich flower we love to smoke for its complementary effects and taste – we strive for the same experience with our edibles. Flavorful, rich, sweet, salty, chewy, crunchy… all the things your favorite sweets should embody can be found right here at Good Taste.

Do you remember the delicious flavor of homemade rice crispy treats that your grandmother or Mother used to whip up in her kitchen? The smell of melting butter and sugar that would encapsulate the entire house, teasing your nose and taste buds until the labor of love process was complete and you could indulge into that first gooey bite? The dripping of the marshmallow / butter combination and the stickiness of your fingers afterwards, that just couldn’t quite be licked off. It’s a memory that none of us will ever forget.

It’s these emotions and the memories connected to our taste buds that was the inspiration behind Good Taste Edibles and the idea of “It’s all in Good Taste”. Drawing influence from the good tastes of candy shops, bakeries, and confectioneries of generations past – Good Taste refines classic flavor combos like Cookies and Cream, and Fruit-Fetti to ensure that the comfort and nostalgia of your favorite treats growing up is as infused in the product as the THC. Although neither our gummies nor crispies are technically baked they’ll certainly make sure you are!”

*Kind Goods is pleased to announce the “Fresh N Hot” Drop of Good Taste Edibles, now at all Kind Goods Retailers. The Crispies flavors available are: Fruit-Fetti 100MG Rice Crispies and Cookie Crumble 100MG Rice Crispies. The Gummies flavors available are: Watermelon 1:1 CBD 100MG Gummies and Blue Razzberry 100MG Gummies.


Good Taste Cannabis Edibles Available now in St. Louis, MO

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