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Medical Cannabis Vs Recreational Cannabis

Medical Cannabis in Missouri refers to a strain of marijuana that contains more than 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Recreational Cannabis is illegal in Missouri.

States that allow medical cannabis: 37 (as of February 2022)

State that allows recreational cannabis: 18 (as of November 2021)

Where can I use medical cannabis?

A patient can only consume cannabis in a private setting.

Where can I purchase medical cannabis?

A licensed Missouri dispensary like Kind Goods.

How much medical cannabis can I carry with me? 

Patients and caregivers can possess up to a 60-day supply.

Medical Cannabis is used for treating a health condition or symptom associated with a health condition.

Recreational cannabis is typically used for enjoyment.

Medical Cannabis users purchase strains higher in CBD to help with symptoms such as pain or sleep.

Recreational cannabis users seek out strains higher in THC

Recreational Cannabis is taxed higher than medical cannabis.

Due to some laws, recreational cannabis may be priced higher than medical cannabis.

Medical cannabis users may purchase more product per day than recreational cannabis users.

Medical Cannabis can only be purchased at a state licensed dispensary with a medical cannabis card, approved by the state (a patient must have a medical cannabis card for the state they are purchasing medical cannabis in).

Recreational cannabis can be purchased from a state licensed dispensary with a valid ID showing proof of age, no qualifying conditions are necessary.

Medical Cannabis Card in St. Louis

Make an appointment with a doctor to get your Medical Cannabis Card in St. Louis.