Moxie Strawberries & Cream Live Resin

Moxie: Strawberries & Cream – Live Resin

Moxie710 or now known as Moxie, has been in the legal cannabis industry since it began in California during Prop 215. Moxie’s legacy of producing the highest quality concentrates spans across multiple states and multiple types of cannabis users. We are stoked to be carrying Moxie’s Strawberries & Cream as well as many other Moxie products.

Moxie’s Strawberries & Cream is as phenomenal as it’s expected to be, from the initial taste of sweetness from the strawberries with the undertone of cream sets your taste buds on a journey of deliciousness that follows up with the lovely euphoria of the strain. The high is not too intense and great for a creativity session or getting to those new 2023 goals you have set yourself up for.


Moxie: Strawberries & Cream – Live Resin Available now in St. Louis, MO

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