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Pressure Co. VVS: Live Vape Cart

A live vape, high-terpene, full-spectrum cannabis extract oil captured straight from the plant, brought to you by Pressure Co. VVS. This small-batch vape product is offered in a 0.5g premium cartridge with a ceramic heating core. Ceramic is known to have a high level of resistance to heat. Hence, a ceramic coil will not damage under high temperatures and is incredibly durable.

These live vape carts are strain-specific, each is created from the entire cannabis plant flower. The flower is freshly frozen immediately after being harvested, allowing the maximum number of cannabinoids and terpenes to be preserved.

Current Flavors: Melon Juice, Member Berry, Moon Pie

Available now @ all KG Locations!

Pressure Co. VVS: Live Vape Cart Available now in St. Louis, MO

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