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“GMO Cookies” by Mo’Dank

We are excited to announce a new farm gracing our shelves here at Kind Goods. Made by great people in Missouri, for great people in Missouri, Mo’Dank has been providing great products to the patients of Missouri for quite some time now and we are very excited to carry their pre-packaged flower and concentrates. Today […]

“Love Affair” by Proper Cannabis

Love Affair is the result of a twist of fate, an accidental cross of ARC and GG4. Fortunately, the result is something special. Cedar and roasted marshmallow paired with ARC’s signature sweet berry flavor give her an intoxicating flavor and aroma, while the experience is more uplifting and less stone-like than ARC’s. AROMA– Cedar Candy […]

“APPLE FRITTER” by Proper Cannabis

A cross of Animal Cookies and Sour Apple by Lumpy’s Flower in northern California, Apple Fritter represents a true clash of the titans in the world of cannabis genetics. In one corner you have Animal Cookies born from Fire OG and Girl Scout Cookies and carrying several OG-leaning qualities in flavor and effects. In the […]