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“Blueberry Muffin” by Sinse Cannabis

Blueberry Muffins is a Colorado-bred, powerful yet still functional, happy, mentally calming, and arousing, (many agree) “light” Indica-Dominant, daytime (yes) hybrid combination of Blueberry and Afghani. With the unmistakable aroma and taste of actual blueberry muffins, this physically soothing, non-couch-locking strain often elicits snack cravings and enduring smiles. Effects: relaxed, pain relief, appetite, daytime Flavors: […]

“Hash Burger” by Sinse Cannabis

With five times as much Myrcene in this strain than any other terpene, Hash Burgers provides a different level of relaxation. The addition of Limonene and Pinene moves those relaxing feelings right into your dome, quickly calming any racing thoughts. Combining that terpene profile with a genetic lineage of GMO Cookies and classic OG Kush […]