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Terpenes – What they are and why do they help?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in many plants. Cannabis plants contain a high number of terpenes, which give cannabis products a distinctive aroma and flavor.

Terpenes found in plants will protect plants from harsh weather, predators or enhance pollination.

Terpenes can enhance the health benefits alone, or synergistically with cannabinoids. They can have an entourage effect with cannabinoids to produce the desired effects of cannabis. Terpenes will not make you feel high on their own.

There are more than 150 different terpenes.

Most common Terpenes:

TerpenesFound inAromaTherapeutic Benefit
Alpha-bisabolol Coconut, fruity, nuttyAntibacterial Anti-inflammatory
Beta caryophylleneBlack pepper, cloves, rosemaryClove, dry, spicy, woodyAnti-inflammatory Antimicrobial Gastroprotective Anti-Anxiety
HumuleneGinsengBitter, floral, peppery, woodyAntibacterial Anti-inflammatory Energizing
LimoneneCitrus fruitsSweet, citrusAnti-depressant Antibacterial Stress relief
LinaloolBasil, lavenderFloral, rose, woodyAnti-anxiety Anesthetic (local) Sedative Anti-convulsant Stress Relief
MyrceneHops, Thyme, mangosCelery-like, woody, herbaceousAnalgesic Sedative Muscle relaxant Anti-inflammatory
PinenePine needles, Pine nutsFresh, piney, herbalAlertness Memory retention Bronchodilator Anti-inflammatory
Terpinolene Lemon, sweetAntibacterial, antifungal Possible sedative affects

Terpenes via Medical Cannabis

The Kind Goods has many different forms of medical cannabis products that have various terpenes.