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Good Taste Edibles

“Fresh N Hot” – Available @ All Kind Good Retailers At Good Taste we are all about… well… good taste. Just like the terpene rich flower we love to smoke for its complementary effects and taste – we strive for the same experience with our edibles. Flavorful, rich, sweet, salty, chewy, crunchy… all the things […]

Cheeba Chews

Cheeba Chews are bite-sized, soft, rectangular taffies—basically a cannabis-infused Tootsie…

GrӦn: Sugar Coated Pearls

Bursting with natural fruit flavors and infused with cannabis extract, the Sugar-Coated Pearl Gummies made by GrӦn are available in a variety of ratios with CBD, CBN, and THC. They’re perfect to enjoy from home, at your weekend getaway, or while watching the sunset from your favorite patio with friends. MADE WITH REAL FRUIT • […]